Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health Services
Helping to promote wellness and recovery that reinforces and sustains healthy individuals, families, and communities that are free from stigma related to mental illness and addictions.

If you are in Crisis and need help, please call
Samaritian CrisisCare at 224-4646 or Text "4hope" to 741741 

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ADAMHS Information

Montgomery County ADAMHS

409 E. Monument Avenue, Suite 102
Dayton, OH 45402-1226
Main Phone: (937) 443-0416
Crisis Line: (937) 224-4646
Fax: (937) 461-2204

Client Rights: (937) 853-4307


Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Samaritan CrisisCare

(937) 224-4646

Suicide Prevention

(937) 226-0818

Client Rights Advocate

(937) 853-4307

Executive Office Division

Extension 100 Helen Jones-Kelley
Executive Director
Email Helen
Extension 108 Lynn Voisard
Executive Administrative Assistant
Email Lynn

External Affairs Division

Extension 147 Paula Cosby
Director of External Affairs
Email Paula
Extension 137 Ann Stevens
Public Information Officer
Email Ann

Prevention and Early Intervention Division

Extension 104 Andrea Hoff
Director of Prevention and Early Intervention Division
Email Andrea
Extension 121 Ashley Mack
Program Coordinator - Prevention
Email Ashley
Extension 105 Tristyn Eppley
Program Coordinator - Montgomery County Prevention Coalition
Email Tristyn

Training and Education Division

Extension 103 Jennifer Cox
Director of Training
Email Jennifer
Extension 145 Rochele' Burnette
Program Coordinator
Email Rochele'
Extension 129 Rebecca Ketron
Administrative Coordinator for Training and Development
Email Rebecca

Treatment and Supportive Services Division

Extension 131 Jodi Long
Director of Treatment and Supportive Services
Email Jodi
Extension 107 Jayne Jones-Smith
Program Coordinator - Client Rights
Email Jayne
Extension 126 Pam Stanley
Program Coordinator - Housing
Email Pam
Extension 125 Beverly Tanamachi
Program Coordinator - Utilization Review
Email Beverly
Extension 114 Su-Ann Newport
Program Coordinator - Certification and Standards
Email Su-Ann
Extension 128 Jennifer Hochdoefer
Forensic Program Coordinator - Forensic Monitor
Email Jennifer
Extension 113 Andrew Sokolnicki
Program Coordinator - Research/Fiscal
Email Andrew
Extension 116 Brent Barrow
SOAR Specialist
Email Brent
Extension 119 Larry Sexton
Project SAVE
Email Larry
Extension 148 Jeorge Logan
Prison Re-entry Program Coordinator
Email Jeorge

Business Operations Division

Extension 110 Doug Thompson
Chief Financial Officer, Director of Business Operations
Email Doug
Extension 117 Brian Sanders
Management Analyst
Email Brian
Extension 118 Rita Pinti
Financial Specialist
Email Rita
Extension 134 Lynette Toliver
Claims Analyst
Email Lynette
Extension 130 Melody Brackney
Claims Analyst
Email Melody
Extension 120 Malinda Chaney
Research Evaluation Specialist
Email Malinda

Administrative Services Division

Extension 123 Andrea Doolittle
Director of Administrative Services
Email Andrea
Extension 100 Karryn Hummons
Receptionist / Secretary
Email Karryn
Extension 144 Connie Harris
Administrative Secretary
Email Connie
Extension 142 Kristin Smith
Contract Administrator
Email Kristin
Extension 106 Fred Tatum
Manager of Information Systems
Email Fred
Extension 122 John Weber
Network/Web/Security/Systems Administrator
Email John

Contract Employees

Extension 101 Beverly Stewart, Esq., LISW
Legal Counsel
Email Beverly
Extension 139 Allison Sharer
Prevention Coordinator
Email Allison

ADAMHS Fax Numbers

General Fax
(937) 461-2204
Claims and Enrollment Department
(937) 853-4354
Civil Commitment / Probate Court Department
(937) 853-4355
Hospital / Forensic Department
(937) 853-4356
Human Resources Department
(937) 853-4323
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