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Secure FTP using SSL and FreeBSD Unix from ADAMHS

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Secure FTP Access with SSH

Secure FTP: The ADAMHS for Montgomery County uses a secure ftp connection for agencies to upload information directly to the . The link below is a program we use for connectivity, it is a Secure FTP client. If you would, please install the WINSCP 5.7.0 package and use it to log onto our secure FTP server. for the most current version or by downloading a version that will work here on our site.  

NOTE: When you install the program please select NORTON COMMANDER VIEW...


Where ftp_cadas is, please replace with your ftp_agency login name and use the password that is sent to you . Please use your regular internet connection to connect. The no longer has Dial-Up access available for agency use. The user name is case sensitive. ALL LOWER CASE PLEASE.

Once installed a typical sign-on should look like this:


You may be asked for your password twice so go ahead and enter it again.


The interface is close to the same for WS_FTP. You can drag and drop files as needed.


You will get a verification dialog. Hit MORE>>


Claims files must be sent as TEXT. RA files should be downloaded as Binary. Failure to do this may result in a perfectly good claims file being rejected by the state and will delay processing.

Please e-mail or call me on the following conditions: 1. You cannot login 2. You should be only allowed to access your home directory (Where you will land once signed on) and a Common directory Let me know if you can get anywhere else.