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Motivating Residents for Housing Success
Housing stability is a common challenge for individuals with behavioral health disorders. Assisting individuals to consider and embark upon behavioral changes that promote stable housing is an important foundational skill for housing providers. Important foundational skills include an understanding how people consider and make changes, as well as effective listening and communication skills. This training will focus on assisting housing providers to recognize what stage a person is in with regard to a specific behavior.
March 9, 2017

University of Dayton & Miami Valley Hospital Healthcare Symposium

This year's symposium is titled "Building a Healthy Dayton: Next Steps". The focus will be on exploring the major health issues of the Greater Dayton area and discussing opportunities and initiatives for combatting these challenges.

This year’s keynote speaker is Nick Buettner, from the Blue Zones Project whose presentation is titled “The Blue Zones Project: Building Healthier Communities.” In this year’s keynote address, Nick will provide an intriguing and entertaining presentation about the work that began in 2004 when Dan Buettner teamed up with National Geographic and the world’s best longevity researchers to identify pockets around the world where people lived measurably better.

Blue Zones is now working to build Blue Zones in cities and businesses across the country. The Blue Zones Project is a systems approach in which citizens, schools, employers, restaurants, grocery stores and community leaders collaborate on policies and programs that move the community towards better health and well-being. The Blue Zone mission is to help people live longer, better lives.

In addition to Nick Buettner’s keynote, several local health professionals will provide “TED Talk” style presentations focusing on specific challenges facing our community’s health.

The Health of Dayton - Jeff Cooper, MS, Montgomery County Health Commissioner and Jessica Saunders, MPA will give an overview of the top health issues in Montgomery County and how these issues impact our neighbors, colleagues, and patients. Participants will look at these issues through the lens of the social determinants of health to set the stage for subsequent sessions throughout the day.

Birth Outcomes - A Barometer of our Community’s Health. Sara Paton, PhD and Tara Williams, MPH will examine the critical issues of infant mortality and birth outcomes in the greater Dayton area

Place-Based Change - Food for Thought. Marietta Orlowski, PhD will discuss local food support systems and initiatives, focusing on neighborhood (place-based) interventions

The Opioid Epidemic - Recovery is Possible. Barbara Marsh, MSW and Jodi Long, MSW will present state and local data on the Opioid epidemic as well as resources available in the community. In addition, an individual who has struggled with addition will share his experience so as to help healthcare professionals gain a better understanding of how to assist those who are struggling with addiction

Effective Strategies for Improvement - Two local initiatives will be discussed which aim to help healthcare providers work upstream to impact local health issues. Kate Cauley, PhD will discuss the use of community health workers in several clinical sites. Jessica Saunders, MPA will discuss the work of Dayton Children’s Family Resource Center.

March 25, 2017
Youth Mental Health First Aid
Someone you know could be experiencing a mental illness or crisis. You can help them. You are more likely to encounter someone — friend, family member, coworker, neighbor, or member of the community — in an emotional or mental crisis than someone having a heart attack. Mental Health First Aid teaches a 5-step action plan to offer initial help to people with the signs and symptoms of a mental illness or in a crisis, and connect them with the appropriate professional, peer, social,or self help care.
April 12, 2017
The Center for Adoption Support and Education’s
Training For Adoption Competency (TAC)

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Summer Workshop Series
The 2017 workshop series offers a total of 30 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for social workers and counselors. Registrants are invited to select individual workshops as needed or attend all 10 workshops in the series for added savings.
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