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Get Coverage

Ohio Medicaid is here to help you get the health care coverage that you and your family need. Visit Ohio Benefits to learn about your eligibility and begin the application process.


Our Consumer Hotline and your local county Job and Family Services office can also help to get you enrolled. 


What happens after I apply?

  • We review your application
After you apply, you may receive a letter asking for more information. If you need help getting the information, your caseworker may be able to help. It may take a few weeks to finalize your application and notify you about your enrollment.

  • Your application is approved.
If you meet all of the eligibility requirements and are approved, you will receive a letter and fee-for-service Medicaid card in the mail. You can use this card right away.

Ohio Medicaid has a statewide network of providers including hospitals, family practice doctors, pharmacies and durable medical equipment companies. You should ask the provider if they accept Medicaid before scheduling an appointment.

Your case will be reviewed every 12 months. If there are any changes in your household that might affect your eligibility in between review times, you should let your caseworker know within 10 days.

Managed Care

Most people who are eligible for Ohio Medicaid will be asked to enroll in a Managed Care Plan. Soon after you receive your fee-for-service Medicaid card, you will receive a letter asking you to choose a Medicaid Managed Care plan.

For more information and help with picking a plan that is right for you, call the Consumer Hotline: (800) 324.8680.

Visit each of the plan's web sites to learn more about what each plan offers.

Buckeye Health Plan Click here to visit the CareSource web site.  Click here to visit the Paramount Advantage web site Click here to visit the United Health Care web site