Heroin Recovery

Heroin Recovery is Possible

In 2014, unintentional drug overdoses killed 264 people in Montgomery County, 127 involving heroin.
Today’s heroin epidemic is unlike any drug epidemic that we have experienced. Most everyone knows someone affected,” said County Commissioner Dan Foley. “People need to know there is help available and that recovery from addiction can and does happen.”

ADAMHS Executive Director Helen Jones-Kelley summarizes the situation when she says, “We are running as fast as we can, and we can't seem to overtake the problem. We will only be successful when we acknowledge that we cannot continue to talk out of both sides of our mouth. If we are serious about eliminating the devastation wreaked by
County Commissioner Dan Foley 
substance use, we have to tackle it from all perspectives.
We cannot cherry pick. We have to alert the community to
the ill effects of both overuse and misuse of legal prescription drugs as well as their illegal counterparts. It is all substance abuse."

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ADAMHS Executive Director Helen Jones-Kelley