Montgomery County Prevention Coalition

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 MCPC   Montgomery County Prevention Coalition

The Montgomery County Prevention Coalition (MCPC) was initiated in 2014 and is a community-based coalition tasked with researching, identifying, prioritizing, and implementing community-based prevention strategies that will make Montgomery County communities safer, healthier, and drug-free. The ultimate goal of MCPC is to reduce mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders (MEB) – including mental illnesses and substance use disorders - among youth and adults by addressing the factors in the community that increase the risk of MEB disorders and promote the factors that minimize the risk of MEB disorders. MCPC conducts its work through the work of four committees that focus on the following prevention areas: underage drinking, marijuana abuse, opiate abuse, and the promotion of mental wellness.

The primary contact for MCPC is Tristyn Eppley at (937) 496-6959; or for more information please contact Ashley Mack, Program Coordinator at Montgomery County ADAMHS at (937) 443-0416 x121 or