Request for Proposal FAQ

Request for proposal
Questions and Answers for application for funding

I do not see my Agency listed in the drop‐down to create a username. What do I do?

I filled out my User Registration form. Now what?

I do not see my agency's application. Where is it?

Do we have to enter our financial information for the financial metrics?

What information do you want in the key performance indicators? Current numbers or based on our previous audit?

It will not let me enter any numbers on the Budget page. What do I do?

I went to the Program Budget page, but nothing is listed there. How do I get the services to show up?

If you are making us break out our budgets by program, will that program be held to that specific amount for this contract period?

You mentioned that you are no longer planning to use the Survey Monkey Client Satisfaction Surveys, but something called E‐Basis. What is that?

We are a recovery‐housing provider. Will we have to complete these E‐Basis perceptions of care surveys for our residents?

I only want to print one page of the Application for Funding. How do I do that?

Should the new code for AoD outreach services be its own program or part of our AoD outpatient program?