Racism as a Health Emergency

ADAMHS Statement on Racism as a Health Emergency
Released June 16, 2020

This past year has been one of the most difficult for our community and though we have demonstrated resiliency and strength, once again our mettle is being tested, and our community’s mental health, greatly impacted.

The ADAMHS Board for Montgomery County is responsible for the delivery of public mental health and addiction services. We stand firmly in our role to protect our most vulnerable citizens. We are keenly aware of the toll that racism takes on the health and well-being of individuals and families and refuse to be silent about the recent and repetitive acts of racial violence and discrimination across our nation.

We raise our voice to denounce the senseless and vexing murder of George Floyd and the pattern of inexplicable violence it again illuminates. We are intolerant of all transgressions borne of stigma, structural racism or any other form of oppression. We take seriously our charge to ensure that everyone lives in a world of optimal brain health where no one suffers in silence, and we will not be silent on this matter.

These are not simply words without action. ADAMHS is committed to fully examining our system practices and policies to ensure that we do not have a role in reinforcing or supporting any activity that presents an obstacle or barrier to full and equitable access to high quality mental health and addiction services for all residents of our community.   

This is not a one-time statement but rather our total commitment to ongoing system review and community engagement to rid our region and our global community of all remnants of behavior and procedures which place any resident at a disadvantage for achieving full behavioral health access and serene quality of life. We are here to serve you. #BlackLivesMatter