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Nationwide Recall Issued on Faulty Naloxone Atomizers

The Community Overdose Action Team (COAT) urges people with naloxone to check their supplies to replace atomizers impacted by a nationwide manufacturer recall on the MAD300 nasal atomizer. The recall does not impact the medication, but a part of the device used to administer the drug.

The recall was issued after it was discovered that faulty nasal atomizers shoot a stream of naloxone into patients’ noses rather than producing a mist, potentially making the overdose reversal drug less effective. At this time, there have been no reports of product malfunctions. Additionally, nasal atomizers not subject to this recall may still be used to administer naloxone in the event of an overdose.


$360K Awarded to 18 Counties to Support Drug-Free Workplaces including Montgomery County!

OhioMHAS has awarded funding to support 18 Drug-Free Workforce Community projects that create partnerships... with local employers to increase job opportunities for individuals with a severe and persistent mental illness and/or substance use disorder, and reduce the number of positive employee drug screens.

The following county Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services boards will each receive $20,000 for SFY 2017: Butler, Clark-Greene-Madison, Clermont, Columbiana, Fairfield, Geauga, Hamilton, Licking-Knox, Logan-Champaign, Mahoning, MarionCrawford, Montgomery, Muskingum Area, Paint Valley, Putnam, Trumbull and Wood.

The funding will enable OhioMHAS and county Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services boards to assist job seekers in finding employment, assist businesses in implementing drugfree workforce policies, provide support to individuals who are currently employed who have a positive drug screen, and connect employers to trained and drug-free workers.

Miracle Clubhouse receives award for "Exemplary Program"

November 3, 2016

Congratulations to ADAMHS partner Miracle Clubhouse for being named “Exemplary Program” by the Greater Dayton Brain Health Foundation.

Miracle Clubhouse helps people living with serious mental illness as they manage their illness and rejoin the world of employment, education, family and friends.

The Clubhouse opened at a new location in February, at 243 Warren St., in Dayton, on the campus of Goodwill/Easter Seals.

Dayton Area Drug Survey: 2016

Results from the 2016 Dayton Area Drug Survey (DADS) show declines (or stability) in the lifetime and current prevalence of use of virtually every drug among 12th grade students when compared with results from the 2014 DADS.


Collective Impact Collaborative Underway

Montgomery County Commissioner Dan Foley has established a Collective Impact Collaborative to attack the heroin/opioid epidemic that is plaguing our community. The goals are to reduce the number of people dying from drug overdoses and reduce the number of people addicted.

“Confronting this public health/safety crisis will be incredibly difficult, but we must do it together. We must attack this epidemic that is taking the lives of our family members, friends and neighbors and affecting every community in Montgomery County,” said Commissioner Foley

Collective Collaborative
Montgomery County Opioid Epidemic Response Framework
Montgomery County Collective Impact Collaborative
Exploring Solutions for the Opiate Problem at each Intercept
Community Overdose Prevention Collaborative Youtube Video



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Montgomery County ADAMHS promotes wellness and recovery that reinforces and sustains healthy individuals, families, and communities that are free from stigma related to mental illness and addictions.

ADAMHS Commitment starts at the top...
To provide community leadership in planning, developing, and supporting high quality, innovative, and accountable mental health and addiction services and strategies so that all Montgomery County residents achieve wellness.

Learn more about the Ohio ADAMHS by clicking here...
The ADAMHS for Montgomery County opposes the legalization and commercialization of marijuana for recreational purposes. In addition, legalizing marijuana for medical use should not be decided by legislative or voter initiative. Marijuana should be subject to the same research, consideration and study as any other potential medicine, under the standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The supports controlled research into the benefits of cannabis-based medicines which follow the basic tenets of good medicine, and which would provide scientifically-valid support for the conditions it is proven to help; controlled strength and purity; appropriate dosage levels; and safe means of administration.